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Twisp, Washington 

Washington State is a magnificent region, one with many contrasts. There are modern metropolitan areas enriched by architectural artistry, followed by remote farming communities and endless plains of wheat. Swift and sinuous rivers in Washington are met with acres of forestry that collide against snow drenched mountain ranges. The beauty of the change is so awe-inspiring visitors will often travel the entire state in order to capture its essence.

Luckily for you, you might not have to. Twisp, Washington is a gorgeous community, that encompasses qualities found throughout the entire state. Located in the Methow Valley at the confluence on the Methow and Twisp rivers, Twisp, WA is a small town made up of massive mountain ranges and writhing rivers. Each season is different, bringing a unique beauty to the region with the change in weather. During the Spring and Summer, the rolling hillsides and reflective lakes are warmed by the idle sun and the outdoors become a playground for people of all ages. During the Winter, the valley is transformed into an oasis of white, adorned with 120+ miles of ski trails that weave their way through the snow. Twisp is situated near the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, and is just a 20-minute drive from the nearby ski hill and snow-park the Loup Loup Ski Bowl, meaning there is no shortage of recreation during the colder months. If you or your family are interested in outdoor activities, there is a plethora of options available in and around Twisp, no matter the season.   

The community here is just as versatile. There are farming families here, as well as construction crews, and artisans. There are professional buildings and businesses followed by small-town churches and locally owned restaurants. Really, the options are endless. The people here are mellow, yet exciting. Residents within Twisp are fun and artistic and at the same time humble and respectful of their neighbors. Families with children choose to either commute to the award-winning Methow Valley Elementary School and Liberty Bell Jr/Sr High School, which is just 6 miles outside of Twisp, or attend the Independent Learning Center (ILC), which is located right in the town of Twisp. The ILC or “alternative school” is an individualized program for High School students who don’t thrive in a public school setting, or don't wish to attend Liberty Bell. The program offers students the chance to earn a standard Washington State Diploma at a pace that meets their needs. Regardless of your families choice, there is a bus system for students, which operates throughout Twisp neighborhoods.

In recent years Twisp has transformed into an oasis of art and creativity. Attractions such as the Confluence Art Gallery, the Community Center, the Merc Playhouse, and TwispWorks are huge contributors to the thriving art community in the Methow, which fuels the local economy, along with the many other local businesses that operate throughout the valley. TwispWorks was founded through a grant from the Methow Valley Long Term Recovery Organization and is the collective home for over 35 of these local businesses. Situated in the heart of Twisp, businesses at Twisp Works range from attics filled with artwork and pottery workshops painted in clay to the office of the local radio station, a bustling catering kitchen, and a recently opened taproom. The possibilities are endless and still growing. This project has fueled the economy in Twisp and stimulated local events since its inception. The economic growth has prompted an increase in the real estate community as well. According to Sperling’s Best Places the median house price for Twisp, WA is approximately $231,300, with about half (49.76%) of the homes in the community under ownership.

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