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Twisp River, WA

The Twisp River Community is a large group of homes situated near Twisp River as you travel west out of Twisp, WA. The winding road takes you 25 miles upriver towards magnificent cascade ranges and lush, forested land that has been shaped by the freshwater streams. Situated in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, residents of Twisp River often enjoy the beauty of their backyard through the plethora of outdoor activities available in the area.

During the summer and spring, the Twisp River Recreational Area provides excellent terrain for bikers, hikers, climbers, fishermen, and hunters. Families often commute up Twisp River to camp, sometimes traveling 56 miles to the Roads End Campground and the Gilbert Trailhead, which gives access to an extensive trail system that weaves through the Twisp River mountains.

This is one of the many trailheads that originate on Twisp River Road including trails like the War Creek Trail and the Twisp River Trail which are situated much closer to town. During the winter the Twisp River Sno-Park is a popular location for snowmobilers and winter recreationists. Meaning regardless of the time of year, Twisp River is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

This isn’t limited to those who enjoy the outdoors through exercise. According to Data USA, some of the highest paying jobs in Twisp, WA are held by the Farming, Fishing, and Forestry community.  Meaning there is a large demand for farmland within Twisp and neighboring towns. Twisp River is home to a large portion of the families within this occupation, seeing it has the acreage needed in order to keep farmers and animals thriving. The rich agriculture setting is evident throughout Twisp River, as you pass by neighboring gardens and orchards.

Residents of Twisp River are kind and respectful of their neighbors and pride themselves on living in a relatively crime free area. As the area develops residents recognize the importance of keeping small town ideals and encourage a communal attitude throughout the neighborhood. According to the Town of Twisp, zoning districts run throughout the town and in Twisp River, which helps to regulate building and construction projects within Twisp River. 

Families with children choose to either commute to the award-winning Methow Valley Elementary School and Liberty Bell Jr/Sr High School, which is just 6 miles outside of Twisp or attend the Independent Learning Center (ILC), which is located right in the town of Twisp. The ILC or “alternative school” is an individualized program for High School students who don’t thrive in a public school setting. The program offers students the chance to earn a standard Washington State Diploma at a pace that meets their needs.  

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