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Located at the South end of the Methow Valley sits Carlton, a quaint town nestled along the Methow River on Highway 153, about 10 miles from Twisp and an additional 9 miles from Winthrop. It was first established 1907, when a group of travelers decided to settle there after moving a store, a couple homes, and a hotel to the area. It has since transformed into a community of people, including generations of families that reside on Texas Creek, a beautiful neighborhood near the heart of Carlton that offers privacy without compromising on location or disrupting the local wildlife. With that in mind, not much has changed as far as major developments. There isn’t a nearby Wal-Mart (although you’ll only have to drive about 50 minutes away to either Omak or Chelan), and the area remains undeveloped in that sense. It has stunning views of the Cascades and the river below, with active wildlife such as mule deer, wild butterflies, eagles, bears, and many more according to the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife. A few of the original buildings, including the hotel, still stand in Carlton today.

Residents of the area enjoy the small town atmosphere, and there is a strong sense of community and friendship among the people. A common characteristic found throughout Real Estate in Twisp, WA and the close-knit communities that make up the Methow.  If you move here you will more than likely be invited to a neighborhood bonfire or a bbq by the river.
The Carlton Store and Gas Station sits at the forefront of town, and considering the size, it has a wide array of shopping and dining options. Locals can be found there picking up a last minute meal for their family, or gossiping about the latest events. Just across from the store sits the Eiffert Water Access site called the  “Carlton Hole”, a local swimming hole along the Methow River, ideal for swimming, and famous for fly fishing, and many other water-related activities. This particular site is home to numerous different species of fish from Steelhead, Bull Trout, Summer-Run, Cutthroat, Whitefish and many more, according to the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife.

Carlton resides in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, which has a plethora of outdoor activities readily available, including hunting, horseback riding, river rafting, and winter sports like snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and more. Keep your eye out for spawning salmon that make their way up the river during the late summer and various other times of the year.

As far as schools go, residents of Carlton real estate usually commute to Twisp to take their kids to school. The Methow Valley School District has a range of top rated options, including the award-winning Liberty Bell Jr-Sr High School, the Methow Valley Elementary School, the Methow Valley Independent LC and the Alternative Education Experience. Each just a simple 15-30 minute commute from Carlton.  There are many private options available in nearby towns such as the Brewster Adventist School and the Omak Adventist Christian School. A little farther from Carlton, about a 50-minute drive over the Loup Loup Pass to Omak is the Wenatchee Valley College, which offers college course for residents in surrounding areas.  

Another 35-minute drive South of Carlton is the Three Rivers Hospital in Brewster that serves the Okanogan Region. Carlton is central in its location, just a 50-minute drive from Chelan, and an hour and a 38-minute drive from Wenatchee, which has larger shopping centers. It is the gateway to the Methow, often people who move here come because they want the independence and freedom of living in the country without having to compromise on comfort or location.  
The job market is also on the rise. The tourist season thrives during the summer, when the Scenic North Cascades Highway is open to the public, attracting visitors from Bellingham and Seattle. The Forest Service and privately owned companies such as Methow Trails are often hiring during these times, in order to maintain the acres of National Forest and miles of outdoor trails that reside throughout Carlton and the Methow Valley, and are heavily used in the summer. Not to say that they aren’t also maintained during the Winter, seeing as the Methow Valley has over 120 miles of marvelous cross-country ski trails and a marvelous Ski Hill just up the mountain called the Loup Loup Ski Bowl. 

Carlton is unique in that is has all four seasons. During the spring, new life can be found everywhere, from the newborn fawns to budding cherry blossoms. In the summer highs can reach the 100’s, making a dip in Black Pine the ideal thing to do. During the fall the temperatures cool and colors become bright and beautiful. Winter brings snow, transforming the landscape into a pearly white playground, often reaching temperatures below freezing. If you’re looking to live in an area that transforms with the weather and is full of character and life, Carlton is the place for you. 

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